More Than Just Our Coffee & Tea, We Strive to Create Genuine Moments of Happiness


Prinkipia Coffee & Tea Room started in 2011 under the guiding principle of “embracing the new while cherishing the old”. Others coffee shops strive to become something of an alternative to a traditional coffeehouse. We strive to become what a true coffeehouse was meant to be: premium ingredients, personalized service, and meticulous attention to detail for each and every drink we serve.


Our coffee and tea are brewed exclusively from coffee beans and tea leaves that are at the height of their freshness. We utilize state-of-the-art brewing technology and provide the host of other modern amenities while staying true to the ambiance and cordiality of the classic American coffeehouse.


We are passionate about our coffee, and our baristas are unmatched in concocting the perfect espresso, cappuccino, frappes. Never bitter and never burnt, our coffee is as flavorful and smooth as coffee can be.

Separately, we use the highest quality ingredients and fresh fruits to create healthy & delicious smoothies. With traditional mixtures like our classic Strawberry Banana to our unique mixtures such as our fruit monkey you have to experience, we offer an experience to liven your body and mood.


Equally as important as the quality of the beverages we serve, is our aspiration to serve as a go-to place for social interaction. We purport to provide our customers with an ideal venue to congregate, fraternize, talk, read, relax, or just pass the time.


Tried and true coffee & tea for sure, but it’s more than that. It’s a new sipping culture.